Charcoal Face Mask + Charcoal Face Wash Combo Pack

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Key Benefits

  • Prevents blackheads
  • Removes dirt & toxins
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells
  • Balances uneven complexion
  • Cleanses skin deeply
  • Removes impurities
  • Fades skin blemishes
  • Purifies naturally
  • Fights acne & zits
  • Clearers skin pores
  • Hydrates dead skin

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Generous amount of face wash on your face.



Thoroughly for 2-3 minutes.



It off with fresh water.



Out generous amount of face mask on your fingertips.



A Thick layer all over your face & neck.



It off with fresh water.

  • Texture

    A lightweight, hydrating gel that lathers into a soft, milky foam.

  • Scent

    A refreshing, vibrant scent with strong top notes of charcoal.

  • SKin Types

    Suitable for all skin types - even for those with acne-prone, mature, and/or sensitive skin.

Product Description

Biofresh Bamboo Activated Charcoal based peel of mask, prevents black heads, dust, radical and unwanted particles. The product has high antioxidants which help in removing dirt and grind from the pores as Bamboo Activated Charcoal absorbs the free radical particles from the skin, claer the pores, provides Deep Cleansing & Re hydrates dead skin. There are pollutants in industrial smoke, exhaust fumes and smog which expose our skin to toxin loads everyday leaving it dull, dry, sensitive, itchy and wrinkled. Activated Charcoal Face washes help removing these toxins by drawing out and trapping these impurities, releasing the clogged pores to breathe life into your skin again. It also works as natural exfoliator to remove dead skin cells, with antimicrobial properties that help prevent skin infections. It gently hydrates and refreshes the skin using natural ingredients like coconut oil, orange peel oil and aloe vera gel extracts to provide nutrients that balance the skin. BIO FRESH Activated Charcoal Face Wash is a nourishing cream based face wash that contains tiny black beads filled with Activated charcoal and tiny green beads filled with tea tree essential oil. These beads burst gently on lathering and start their purpose of trapping pollutants, toxins, dirt and impurities which is done by the black beads containing activated charcoal; whereas the green beads which contain the tea tree essential oil disinfects, heals and soothes the skin. This helps in making the skin feel cleaner and fresher than before with every wash.

Your skin will feel the difference

After First Use

You'll start to notice leaser breakouts and reduced appearance of new acne & other impurities. Plus, firmer and perkier looking skin.

After 1 Month

With regular use, you will notice stubborn blemishes, acne & scars have faded away. You will also find your skin clearer, hydrated and firm like never before.

After First Use

Your skin will feel brighter, firmer and smoother. You'll notice dullness and pimples are reduced and you look and feel more rested.

After 1 Month

With regular use, you will notice impurities like acne, small zits & blemishes have faded away. You will also find your skin softer, hydrated and firm like it should be.

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Charcoal Face Mask + Charcoal Face Wash Combo Pack

Rs. 243.00 Rs. 400.00